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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would like to wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year and Thank You for helping us build resilient communities empowered with the knowledge to use social media in disasters.

Our Vision

To help build resilient communities, empowered with the knowledge to use social media to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies:

  • Emergency agencies
  • Government agencies and schools
  • Community agencies and nonprofits
  • Business
  • Media
  • The Public

As well as linking to the Wiki, this site provides background information, future scenarios of what an Emergency 2.0 Ready community could look like, frequently asked questions, event information and media coverage.

Our Purpose

The Wiki is a free global resource for using social media and new technologies in emergencies. The wiki is a collaborative model for sharing and advancing knowledge on utilising web2.0 and social media in emergency management.

Our Global Community

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