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Emergency 2.0 Wiki features in government disaster resilience paper launched by Premier Bligh


Information paper by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority

The Emergency 2.0 Wiki is proud to feature as a case study in “Rebuilding a stronger more resilient Queensland” information paper released by Premier Anna Bligh on Monday.

The information paper was prepared by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority to help build community resilience after the devastating Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi of 2010/11 and is listed on their website. Here are some excerpts from the News & Media page:

“Premier Bligh said the publication shines a spotlight on resilience and encouraged all individuals, businesses and communities to consider how they prepare for and respond to natural disasters.”

“Building resilience in our communities is everybody’s responsibility, from Governments through to individuals”, she said.

The Reconstruction Authority has prepared this paper to build a better understanding of resilience so we can enhance the ability of our communities to prepare for and bounce back better and faster following a natural disaster”.

The Wiki case study can be found on page 10 of the report in “Section 2: resilience in disaster management”, which can be downloaded from the Queensland Reconstruction Authority website.

We are thrilled to feature in this valuable report and greatly appreciate this opportunity to promote the Emergency 2.0 Wiki to the community.