Calling on Emergency 2.0 Wiki Community to help the US prepare for Hurricane Irene

"Hurricane Irene covers a third of the US east coast"

The east coast of the US is about to be hit by an unprecedented hurricane and storm surge that will impact millions… even areas of New York City are being evacuated.

We are calling on the Emergency 2.0 Wiki Community to rally together to populate the wiki with tips on how to use social media in emergencies and also provide links to social media applications and tools such as smart phone apps, crowd source maps and YouTube videos.

How to prepare for an emergency” – already has some great information you can review and expand on (need more US Hurricane examples):

“What to do during an emergency” (prep section ‘in action’) also needs more development with US hurricane examples…

Our biggest challenge is to populate the “What to do after an emergency” section with information on how the community can use social media to get local real time information updates… and just as important, how to use social media to galvanise their communities to help each other.

We do need to emphasise though, that the purpose of the Wiki is not to replicate emergency warnings or information provided by FEMA or agencies such as the Red Cross, or the great work being done by Crisis Commons and the volunteer technical community. Our focus is on providing practical tips on how the community (including government agencies, schools and businesses) can use social media to share information and help each other during this disaster.

To write or edit the wiki you will need to first register via the Emergency 2.0 Wiki LinkedIn Group. A few of the Wiki Working Group are standing by over the weekend to arrange registration and send you your login and password.

We know that we weren’t going to launch the Wiki until November… but we can’t stand by… we need to pull out all stops to use the Emergency 2.0 Wiki to help our US community during this disaster…

It takes a global community to create a wiki and we thank you in advance for your help!

ps. For inspiration of what we are trying to achieve, check out our Future Scenarios pages …


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