Emergency 2.0 Wiki presents at Smart Government Conference, Canberra

Government delegates from around Australia learnt how to use social media in emergencies thanks to our presentation at the Smart Government  Conference held in Canberra from 6-8 September.

From all levels of government (local, state and federal) and from sectors as diverse as the arts, health, community, environment, transport and roads, education and emergency; delegates learnt how to use social media in all phases of an emergency.

 This presentation can be viewed full screen for the best effect. You can zoom in and out if you need to also, to make the words bigger. Simply click on the arrow to move you through the stages of the presentation.


With the Emergency 2.0 Wiki site as the reference source, attendees learnt “How to use social media in emergency management – to help your agency, employees and customers better prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.” Topics included:

  • setting up Facebook Accounts as a “one stop shop” for agency information and updates
  • locating online educational resources such as videos and smartphone apps on how to prepare for emergencies such as flood, cyclone or bushfire
  • empowering employees with the knowledge to find real time information that could save the lives of themselves and their loved ones, using Twitter, Smartphone Apps, Facebook and online maps
  • crowdsourcing real-time local information from the public using online community maps
  • monitoring the emergency and proactively responding to what is being said to, and about, the agency
  • planning for business continuity, establishing a temporary workforce and keeping in touch with geographically dislocated employees using Yammer, Skype and Google Docs
  • utilising social media to track and share real-time localised updates on the restoration of infrastructure and essential services and to promote the recovery efforts of other agencies, NGOs and community groups.

This presentation was important for a number of reasons. They key one being that we were able to share the message that all levels of government, from all sectors can help build community resilience – it is not just the domain of emergency services.

By leveraging the power of social media, government agencies can help their employees, their agencies and their customers to become more resilient to emergencies. While they may not be able to prevent emergencies and disasters, they can reduce their impact on communities.

And government agencies now have a resource to help them navigate how to use social media in emergency – the Emergency 2.0 Wiki (albeit, still under development).

Checkout the the presentation and share it with others. We’d love to hear what you think!


  1. Eileen, I am late signing up for the crisis response journal but better late than never. I looked at your presentation. Great, great stuff. I’m in the US military going into different African nations to help them stand up response plans and your idea of this presentation just gave me the thoughts to help those I work with in developing similar information mechanism.

    I wish in the US we had the same mechanism but everything is closed controlled so there is no freedom of movement in keeping people informed.

    I specifically enjoyed the following slides:
    – How to recover important documents after a disaster
    – How to find maps of hazards in your area
    – Tips for the public – How to prepare for an emergency
    – Google alerts on your cell phone
    – What to do after an emergency
    – Enable employees to access social media internally
    – Finding missing people


    If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.

    Thank you

    R/, Lou Bispo

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