One week till launch… and the countdown for content is on!

In a week today (on Thursday 8 December) the Emergency 2.0 Wiki will officially launch to the world, so the countdown for content is on…

To be ready for the public launch, the Wiki needs your help… your links… and help to upload content we’ve gathered… so we can create a valuable global resource, for the public, the emergency management community, government, schools and business.

Help with posting guidelines content onto the Wiki:

Thanks to the Canadian community via Partnerships Towards Safer Communities (PTSC Online) and our Belgium community via Kortom with their guidelines ‘hot off the press’,  we now have some excellent resources to refer to in writing the Wiki guidelines.

Content covered includes:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Risk and Mitigation checklists
  • Establishing social media channels
  • Integration with Crisis Communications and Business Continuity Plans
  • Integration with other channels
  • Integration with other agencies
  • Crisis Team training

To help out please contact Reference Group members Patrice Cloutier and Philippe Borremans who are leading the uploading of these guidelines.

Help with posting links for the global directory – for your country, your state and your town

Help with posting emergency smartphone apps links

Thanks to generous sharing of John McCubbin of his Delicious library of emergency smartphone app links, we have access to a great resource. But we need your help to categorise the content and post the links to our global Smartphone_Apps directory.

For more info on how to help, please visit our How to Help page. To edit the Wiki you need to register first via the Emergency 2.0 Wiki LinkedIn Group, then send an email to

Together, we can do it!

Thank you,


Eileen Culleton, Emergency 2.0 Wiki Project Leader (Voluntary)

PS together we can create a global resource that will help save lives…

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