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Utilising social media to build resilience to emergencies

The Emergency 2.0 Wiki presented at the Gov 2.0 Conference 2012 in Canberra, Australia, this week on how government agencies can utilise social media to build resilience to emergencies.

Our participation in this conference supports our vision “to help build resilient communities, empowered with the knowledge to use social media in emergency communications”.

Gov 2.0 is an annual conference bringing together innovators from government and the private sector to highlight technologies and ideas that can be applied to the challenges of achieving an open, transparent and consultative form of government.

Our presentation shared how government agencies can become ‘Emergency 2.0 Ready’ by:

  • Using social media to help your agency, employees and customers better prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies
  • Empowering employees with the knowledge of how to use social media in emergencies
  • Using social media channels for emergency communication, monitoring and business continuity
  • Identifying emergency apps, maps, tools, tips and guidelines

Checkout the presentation and please share it with others. We’d also love to hear what you think!



Eileen Culleton, Founder & CEO (Voluntary role)