Emergency 2.0 Wiki Ltd was established in Australia as a not for profit charitable company limited by guarantee on 23 December 2011.

The objects of the Emergency 2.0 Wiki are outlined below and in our attached Constitution.


4.1 The primary object for which the Company is established is to provide a free nationwide open access public digital reference library for the purpose of making information and resources related to using social media and new technology in emergency prevention, preparation, response and recovery accessible and useful to all Australians.

4.2 In fulfilling this primary object, the Company will:

(a) provide a free open access public digital reference library which provides information and resources sourced nationally and internationally

(b) develop and provide practical tips, guidelines and links to resources and tools

(c) provide an Internet and social media platform, framework and engagement model

(d) provide a knowledge hub and forum for news, information and knowledge sharing, crowd sourcing, collaboration and innovation across all sectors of the community

(e) conduct, support and promote research into the use and effects of social media and new technologies relating to emergency communications

(f) provide tools and services to both public and private bodies or institutions; and the general public, to enable them to reuse such data and research for the public good;

(g) conduct, facilitate, support and promote technology innovation

(h) provide content and software under an open licence wherever practicable

(i) promote, support and provide education, training and community engagement activities

(j) engage, affiliate, cooperate or partner with organisations having similar objects.

(k) establish and provide a resilience framework that can be utilised by all industry sectors

(l) establish and provide advisory consultancy services


4.3 The company must pursue charitable purposes only and must apply its income in promoting those purposes.

4.4 The Company may only exercise the powers in section 124(1) of the Corporations Act to:

(a) carry out the objects in this clause; and

(b) do all things incidental or convenient in relation to the exercise of power under clause 4.1 and 4.2.


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