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Join us in helping build resilient communities empowered with the knowledge to use social media to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. There are lots of ways that you can contribute:

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Help us establish alliances

  • We are currently establishing alliances with local, national and international organizations and networks. Please contact us for more information.

Pro bono partnerships

  • We are seeking pro bono partnerships for Accounting Services, Marketing and Communications, Web and Graphic Design and other services. Please Contact Us

Join a Wiki Work Team

  • We are seeking expressions of interest from people globally to join Wiki Work Teams to help drive key areas such as marketing and communications, social media community management, education and training, library and research. Please Contact Us

Join a Reference Group

  • We are still looking for people to join Reference Groups to help lead the content development of the Wiki

Help develop the Wiki

You can help with providing content for:

  • Tips for the public page – got a tip on how to save battery power on your mobile phone? add it here
  • Global Directory – is your local emergency service/first responder, NGO, community agency on Twitter/Facebook? Add them to this directory
  • Smartphone_Apps – add emergency apps that you know of
  • Videos – seen a really good YouTube video on how to prepare for an emergency? Post the link here
  • Guidelines for agencies, government, business, schools, etc – We provide tips and practical guidelines on how to use social media in emergencies. We need your help to keep them up to date (as you know social media and new technology changes rapidly).

To write or edit content for the Wiki, you will need to:

It takes a global community to create a global Emergency 2.0 Wiki. Together, we can do it!

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