Our Goals

  • To provide a free global resource for using social media and new technologies in emergencies.
  • To provide guidelines on how to utilise social media in all phases of emergency management (PPRR):
    • Emergency Prevention/Mitigation
    • Emergency Preparation
    • Emergency Response
    • Emergency Recovery
  • To facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing and crowdsourcing across the emergency, government, community, NGO, education, health, business, ICT and media sectors.
  • To share news on the latest developments in emergency 2.0 communications.
  • Provide education, training and community engagement activities to increase community resilience
It takes a global community to develop and maintain a wiki and we need your participation! We are ‘crowdsourcing’ input from all sectors of the community including emergency services, government, community agencies, business, ICT, the voluntary technical community, the education sector, ┬áhealth sector, the media and the public.
This is your wiki, so we welcome your feedback and comments!
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