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Possum Kingdom Wildfire 20
April 15, 2011: Texas, U.S.A. Flames burn out of control at Possum Kingdom Lake. Texas National Guard Uh-60 Blackhawk Helicopters were launched out of the Austin Army Aviation Support Facility to help fight the wildfires in North Texas. Photo by SSG Malcolm McClendon. 
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Queensland Floods
January 11 2011: Sightseers on the Inner City Bypass inspecting the flooded Coronation Drive, Brisbane City/Milton – Flooding in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
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Hurricane Sandy
November 4, 2012: Part of a set that is a pictorial account of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, appealing for help for the residents Rockaway Beach, NY and other locations.
Photo: Randy Le’Moine Photography | Creative Commons License


The interior of this masonry-built hospital in Cauquenes, Chile had severe fracturing and partially collapsed interior walls following the M 8.8 earthquake on Feb. 27, 2010. This building was scheduled to be torn down and replaced with a reinforced concrete building.
Photo: Walter Mooney, U.S. Geological Survey | Creative Commons License


Destroyed House

March 8, 2009: A house in Kinglake has been completely destroyed by the bushfires.
Photo: Neil CreekCreative Commons License


Port-au-Prince, Haiti

January 20, 2010

Photo: newbeatphoto


Sanitation Messages
Nov 6, 2010: Scene from Haiti after Hurricane Tomas. At a camp for people displaced by the Jan. 12 earthquake, illustrations on a latrine emphasize the importance of sanitation.

Photo: Kendra Helmer/USAID | Creative Commons License


November, 2008: TRO Rescue Teams search for missing persons.



JANUARY 13, 2011: An aerial view of a suburban area flooded along the Brisbane river on January 13, 2011 in Brisbane, Australia.
Photo: Jonathan Wood/Getty Images, Beacon Radio’s Photostream | Creative Commons License
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