Emergency 2.0 Wiki Blog Launch Blitz A Success!


The Wiki Working Group Team onsite for the Blog Launch Blitz (L to R are Denver Gibson, Matthew Kassay, Tracy Whitelaw, Eileen Culleton, Sonja Barneveld, Klynt Oberto and Desley Gilbey) The other members were tweeting, posting and blogging remotely (including Tim Miller in France)!

The Wiki Working Group are thrilled to share that our global blitz was a success, with great response received locally and globally!

We’ve had wonderful support from our gov2qld members in our home state, who are actively spreading the word. On a national level we’ve received great feedback and offers of support from members of groups including  Gov 2.0 & eGovernment Australia, Local Government ICT Group – Australia and Ozloop.

Creative Commons Australia showcased the Emergency 2.0 Wiki on their Creative Commons and Government page and on their blog post. Our choice of licence has generated a valuable discussion on this blog and we invite you to contribute your thoughts.

On a global level we’ve had contact from our stakeholders in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and NZ excited about the Emergency 2.0 Wiki, which reinforces how valuable and needed this project is!

The Wiki was featured on Govloop because it was “awesome” and on key blogs such as idisaster by Kim Stephens.

And we are thrilled that the global gov20 media community has also rallied behind the project offering to promote the wiki, including gov20radio (via Civic Tech), Gov2 TV and FutureGov!

So the outcome of our blog launch blitz is that we now have an “emergency20wiki community” ready to help us turn the vision into a reality!

Welcome aboard, keep spreading the word, follow us on Twitter, sign up for the Blog RSS feed and watch this space…