Countdown to public launch 8 Dec…

The Emergency 2.0 Wiki will officially launch to the world on Thursday 8 December and the countdown is on…

The physical launch will take place in Brisbane, Australia at the Gov 2.0 QLD community of practice event to showcase the success of Government 2.0 in the state of Queensland.

It will be launched globally online via our YouTube channel.

The Minister for Government Services, Building Industry and Information Communication Technology, Simon Finn MP, will be keynote speaker at the event.

The Emergency 2.0 Wiki, while a global collaborative initiative, began as a volunteer effort by members of the Gov2.0 Qld group, a community of practice of professionals working in the government and social media space, so it is fitting to launch the Wiki at this event.

Thanks to the sponsors Objective and hosts Microsoft, the event is free and all are welcome. But tickets are limited so make sure you get yours via this link.



When: Thursday 8 December, 5.15 (for 5.30) – 7.30 pm

Where: Microsoft, Level 28, 400 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia

YouTube: emergency20wiki

And now, ‘The Countdown’ is on… to be ready for the public launch, the Wiki needs your help… your links… your tips… and your content… to help make it a valuable resource, for the public, the emergency management community, government, schools and business.

There are lots of ways that you can help eg:

For more info on how to help, please visit our How to Help page.

Together, we can do it!

Thank you,


Eileen Culleton, Emergency 2.0 Wiki Project Leader (Voluntary)

PS. It takes a global community to create a global Emergency 2.0 Wiki… join with us to create a resource that will help save

Business Continuity Institute takes leadership role to help develop the Emergency 2.0 Wiki


Paul Trebilcock, Emergency 2.0 Wiki Business Continuity Reference Group Leader

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Australasian Chapter is pleased to have the opportunity to be involved with the Emergency 2.0 Wiki initiative and lead the content development, management and promotion of the Business Continuity (BC) Section. 

The BCI is the world’s most eminent Business Continuity Management (BCM) institute and its name is instantly recognised as standing for good practice and professionalism. The aim of the BCI is to promote the art and science of Business Continuity Management worldwide.  The BCI currently has over 6000 members in 100 countries. 

The Wiki will be a key resource for the BCI community and will assist members to stay at the cutting edge of emergency communications technology.  For example, as new tools and applications are developed and released eg Google Plus, they will be posted on the Wiki and the BCI, in collaboration with the global Emergency 2.0 Wiki community, will develop practical guidelines on how to use these tools in the business continuity context. 

While the 2.0 Wiki has a focus on emergency communications, it will also compliment the BC Online Forum (BCOF), a BCI Australasian Chapter initiative.  The BCOF website is currently under development as a pilot project with the aim of providing a forum to facilitate information exchange between BC practitioners and stakeholders on issues, incidents and events occurring in the region.  

I strongly encourage all members of the BCI and the broader BC community to play an active role in supporting this valuable global initiative.  


Paul Trebilcock OAM, MBCI

Lead – Emergency 2.0 Wiki Business Continuity Reference Group

BCI Forum Leader – Queensland

Lead – BC Online Forum 



Editors note: To visit the wiki, click this link If you’d like to help write, edit, peer review or comment on wiki content, you will need to first register via the Emergency 2.0 Wiki LinkedIn Group. Everyone’s input is welcome.