Moderation policy

The following should be read in conjunction with the Conditions of Use:

The Emergency 2.0 Wiki aims to help build community resilience by providing a free open access public digital reference library and knowledge hub with information sourced in Australia and internationally, relating to using social media and new technology in emergency prevention, preparation, response and recovery.

This Moderation policy will apply to sites such as the following that permit participants to start discussions or post comments:

The sites may be moderated by Emergency 2.0 Wiki Ltd personnel or other Emergency 2.0 Wiki personnel.

In most cases, to encourage knowledge sharing, a post-moderation process will be used.  This means that comments are published immediately and may then be reviewed. Normally, your first ever comment will need to be approved, so please be patient.

To help us create a collaborative community, please ensure your conduct complies with the Acceptable Use Policy.

As indicated in the Acceptable Use Policy, Emergency 2.0 Wiki personnel may (but are not obliged to):

  • block any person, including you, from accessing or posting or otherwise participating in the Emergency 2.0 Wiki sites; and
  • delete or edit any content posted, if the Acceptable Use Policy is breached or otherwise at their discretion, without providing reasons or entering into any correspondence.

Emergency 2.0 Wiki Ltd may also change moderation processes at its discretion.

If you believe that a comment has breached the Acceptable Use Policy, please contact us on

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