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Reference Group Policies and Procedures
Contributors [[]]

The Policies and Procedures Reference Group will be managing the development of content for this section and will be a point of contact for questions or help. We are still seeking nominations for this group, so if you are interested, please visit this information page and contact us.

Otherwise, please jump in and make a start with adding content. If you aleady have policies and procedures for using social media in emergency communications, please adapt them to develop generic policies and procedures guidelines for use by everyone. Also, (if you have permission), please link to them in "Examples'.


Table of Contents

Additional Guidelines by Sector

Emergency Sector

Government Sector

Community sector

Education Sector

Health Sector

Business Sector


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Social media guidelines for IFRC staff via Social media policy database (see References & Links)

American Red Cross Social Media Handbook for Local Red Cross Unitsvia Social media policy database (see References & Links)

Case Studies

References and Links

Emergency 2.0

Business as Usual

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