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Main Page | Emergency Preparation Guidelines for emergency agencies, government, community agencies, schools, business etc

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Reference Groups Emergency Preparation, Business Continuity, Crisis Communications, Employee Engagement,Volunteer Engagement, Technology and Innovation, Risk and Mitigation, Policies and Procedures, Recordkeeping

The Emergency Preparation Reference Group manages the table of contents for this section and will be a point of contact for questions or help. As you can see in the Contributor Info Box there are also a number of other reference groups developing key areas of content. We are still seeking reference group nominations, so if you are interested, please visit the Reference Group information page on the blogsite and contact us.

If you have guidelines on how your organisation uses social media for emergency preparation, please contact us so that together we can adapt them to develop generic guidelines for use by everyone. Also, (if you have permission), we would be keen to link to them in "Examples'.

This section provides guidelines to help your agency/organisation, employees and customers/clients use social media to better prepare for emergencies.

Please feel free to add relevant and timely content to develop these guidelines:

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