MarshallIslands emergency agencies using social media

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Main Page | Emergency agencies using social media | Marshall Islands emergency agencies using social media Social media contacts sourced from Humanity Road [1] and published by Clear Measure [2] and Humanitarian Toolbox [3]


State Government

Marshall Islands Website

Marshall Islands Wildlife Rescue

Island Government

Ailinglaplap Atoll

Ailuk Atoll

Arno Atoll

Aur Atoll

Ebon Atoll


Jabat Island

Jaluit Atoll


Kwajalein Atoll

Lae Atoll

Lib Island

Likiep Atoll

Majuro Atoll

Maloelap Atoll

Mejit Island

Mili Atoll

Namorik Atoll

Namu Atoll

Rongelap Atoll

Ujae Atoll

Utirik Atoll

Wotho Atoll

Wotje Atoll


Kwajalein Atoll Joint Utility Resource

Marshalls Energy Company


Marshall Islands International Airport

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