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  • Feel free to add local information

Twitter Alerts

Twitter Alert Example

Twitter Alerts are Tweets published by select public agencies and emergency organizations during a crisis or emergency that contain up-to-date information relevant to an unfolding event, such as public safety warnings and evacuation instructions. Alerts will appear highlighted on your home timeline and are instantly sent to your device as a mobile notification.

  • You need to sign up for Twitter Alerts with each agency you wish to receive Alerts from.

List of participating organisations

  • To see which agencies offer Twitter alerts please visit this global list [1]

Ebola Alert

  • Ebola Alert

Ebola Alert is a non profit firm applying design thinking & appropriate technology to #StopEbola and make necessary information on Ebola accessible to all. Based in Nigera they are now operating assisting all other Ebola affected countries in Africa.

Ebola Alert Twitter Account

Ebola Alert Facebook Account

Ebola Alert website

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