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Welcome to the Emergency 2.0 Wiki! This wiki will be a new collaborative model for sharing and advancing knowledge, providing best practice guidelines on how to utilise social media in all phases of emergency communications. Our vision is to empower the community with the knowledge to use web2.0 and social media in emergency communications. We aim for this Wiki to become a dynamic, collaborative space with:

  • Tips for the public on how to use social media to better prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies
  • Guidelines, checklists, templates and tools for emergency agencies, government agencies and schools, commmunity agencies and nonprofits and business,on how to use social media in all emergency phases.
  • Links to key sites: emergency information, donations and volunteering sites
  • Resource section, for sharing emergency 2.0 resources eg videos and smart phone applications
  • Integration with social media channels/tools to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing including:
    • LinkedIn Group, Twitter Account @emergency20wiki and Feeds of our Twitter account and hashtags used by the emergency management community eg #crisiscomms #smem
    • Our Blog with links to other key blogs, Reports with reports and case studies from organisations using social media

It takes a global community to build a wiki and we welcome input from all sectors including emergency services, government, community agencies, business, ICT, the voluntary technical community, the education sector, the media and the public. This is your wiki! To write or edit content for the Wiki, you will need to first register on the Emergency 2.0 Wiki LinkedIn Group.

Visit Emergency 2.0 Home for the blog and background information about the Wiki, the vision, history, frequently asked questions, the people behind it, events, media coverage, contacts, terms of use etc.


Tips for the public - How to use social media in emergencies

This Tips section is to provide user friendly tips to all members of the public on how to use social media in an Emergency.

Emergency agencies using social media

Donations and Volunteering Sites on Social Media

Emergency Tools - smartphone apps, youtube videos etc

Guidelines for government, community agencies, business - how to use social media in emergencies


Ideas Workbench

Post an idea on anything to do with emergency management / crisis communications that others can respond to or debate

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How can I contribute to this Wiki?

User Participation Guidelines


Sandbox - for you to experiment with using the Wiki

Connect with others

Reference Groups

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