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Contributor Info
Reference Group Technology and Innovation

Tim Miller,

Eileen Culleton,

The Technology and Innovation Reference Group will be managing the development of content for this section and will be a point of contact for questions or help. We are still seeking nominations for this group, so if you are interested, please visit the Reference Group information page on the blogsite and contact us.

Emergency apps can save lives... if the public knows about them and uses them. Please help us populate this page and keep it current. As apps are constantly being developed, if you come across something new, please feel free to add the link to share with the world.

Or if you are working on a new emergency app and you would like the input from the global community, post it in the "Under Development" section.

Technology and Innovation Overview

Existing Resources

NB: If source code is shared, please list under the tool

Under Development

NB please note if you plan to share the source code

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