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Reference Group Emergency Preparation
Contributors Eileen Culleton,

These videos are provided to help you to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. We aim to cover the full spectrum of major emergencies that can impact a community eg:

  • Natural disasters and severe weather events such as flood, storm surge, cyclone, bushfire, earthquake, blizzard
  • Manmade emergencies such as a train/bus/plane crash, gas leak/chemical spill/terrorism
  • Health emergencies such as pandemics

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First Aid

Natural Disasters and Severe Weather Events


Hurricane preparedness tips from the American Red Cross of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, in cooperation with the Long Island Power Authority.


Storm Surge






Volacano Eruption



Man made emergencies

  • Manmade emergencies such as a train/bus/plane crash, nuclear/gas leak/chemical spill, terrorism

Health emergencies


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